Mid-Season Updates!

Here are a few important reminders that will help our garden continue growing and being fabulous!
  • Remember to ALWAYS take your garbage with you – this includes weeds (that can’t go in the compost bins) and all other forms of garbage
    • PLEASE DO NOT use the dumpster across the street or any of the public trash cans outside of our garden – these are not ours, we do not pay for them, and we want to be good neighbors 🙂
  • Please don’t leave stuff in the garden assuming that others will take it – this includes tomato cages and random debris
  • Remember to ALWAYS lock the gates, shed, and water spouts
  • Please be kind to your fellow gardeners and take care of the water hoses – this means turning the water off, neatly winding them, and making sure they are not tangled
  • There are red/pink flags in the shed that say “Out of Town” – if you are going on vacation, remember to put one of these flags in your plot so your neighbors know to give you garden a drink when they are there
  • Please log your work hours on the Work Hour tab of the website! If you aren’t sure what to do – you can always weed the fenceline! 🙂

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