Board Members

Adrienne (Wojciechowski) McCann – Garden Manager

Adrienne grew up in Maryland and spent her youth involved in 4-H with a wide variety of agricultural projects, raising everything from beef steers to chickens, horses, vegetables, flowers, and occasional a pig or two. She moved to the District in 2007, and together with her husband Tom, has been a garden members since 2012. Her daughter Madeleine turns 2 this summer and loves cherry tomatoes, so if you have any extra let her know. When she isn’t gardening or working on farm policy issues she enjoys volunteering with her dog Buddy and the pet therapy group they work with called People Animals Love (PAL), which is headquartered on Barrack’s Row.

We Voted

John Manley – Community Relations Chair

John is one of the original members of the VACG, old guy, semi-retired, been gardening since the late ‘40s, then under duress, still stuck in the days when folks were nice to each other and contributed to the common good.  Social liberal, fiscal conservative, not fit for government office.  Prays for peace but makes his living on disasters.  Go figure!


Luis Salazar and Eric Gunther – Volunteer Maintenance Coordinator

Jenni Lancaster – Membership Chair

I’ve been a community gardener for about 11 years. I love growing food to feed my family, my favorites are tomatoes and garlic. This year I’m going to plant something I’ve never even heard of – a Cucamelon!


Carla Miller – Plot Inspector

Kimmy Waller – Social Chair

Kimmy is a native Pittsburgher and has been in DC since 2011 (minus 1 wonderful year in Ann Arbor, Michigan). She loves spending weekends in the garden, when not in the garden she – she can be found at her local pottery studio playing with a different kind of dirt, she adores and at times fosters dogs (with a special place in her heart for pitbulls), is a mentor through BEST Kids Mentoring Program, and generally loves being part of her DC community. She lives on the Hill and is thrilled to be part of the VACG.


Gabbrielle Joseph – Treasurer