Learn about our Compost Programs!

The Virginia Avenue Community Garden is home to two different compost programs!
DC Compost Coop: The Compost Coop is a city-wide composting program that consists of three closed and locked compost bins just on the inside right of the street gate (next to the pergola).   These bins do NOT belong to the garden: they are part of the city’s compost program. But, anyone is welcome to get trained for the Compost Coop– Once you are trained, you can bring your kitchen scraps, etc, to compost in these bins.  It’s easy and great– everyone should be trained!  These bins are not part of the “compost committee” work for the garden. If you are interested in being trained to participate, contact Clark Nelson (VACG Gardener who is the local Compost Coop manager) through the Virginia Avenue Community Garden at clark.nelson1@comcast.net.
VACG Garden Compost: The Virginia Avenue Community Garden Compost consists of the six big open bins (some with black tarps/covers) to the left of the street gate (closest to the construction site).  These are for our community garden.  If you are on the compost committee, these are the bins you’ll be working on.  However, everyone please note: you cannot put kitchen scraps in our community garden compost.
To learn more about composting and what materials belong where – visit the Compost Program tab above!

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